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The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of adventurous and experimental new music.

We do this through promoting gigs under the banner of The Orchestra Pit and Scaledown as well as producing radio shows (Full Circle and Scaledown) and running a Record Label.

Details of all these endeavors can be found on this site as well as an extensive photo/audio archive and a shop.

scaledown #109

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #109
(Friday 29th May 2015)

May Queen goes to the shop, buys a plastic messenger bag, goes home, fills it up with maypole assembly kit, then, with aplomb, sets it up for scaledown. Magically, each ribbon becomes an artist in no particular order:

ROSHI FEAT. PARS RADIO - If Scaledown issued reward points then is highly possible that neither Roshi Nasehi nor Graham 'Dids' Dowdall would ever need to pay for a drink in this town again. As it is we don't..... but they're back anyway to stamp their own mark on May Scaledown with their beguiling mix of sensual vocals and ingenious beats.

scaledown #108 and super news flash!

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #108
(Friday 24th April 2015)

April showers have been few and far between this month and so scaledown will compensate by showering great talent upon you from our spring cloud which resides upstairs at The King And Queen pub. Drip drip drop in particular order:

TROMBONE POETRY - right... you know the drill: a smattering of poetry; a burst of trombone; and a scattering of journalistic prose and improbable verbs. it's a formula that never fails, behold..... Trombone Poetry.

scaledown #107

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #107
(Friday 27th March 2015)

The March hare has the March wind in him and he needs to blow off-he will blow off all the early spring madness and joy into the contained room that is scaledown world, spinning in an orbit above and around The King And Queen pub. Blowing tonight in no particular order will be:

JUDE COWAN MONTAGUE - Our very own co-host scales down with a voice only performance plucking gems from her latest album, the brilliant 'The Leidenfrost Effect '.

scaledown #106

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #106
(Friday 27th February 2015)

scaledown 105

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #105
(Friday 30th January 2015)

We open up the scaledown box for 2015 and see what is inside. A veritable selection of musical wonderment no doubt welcomes us and now we show you our beautiful box for you to delve into, plucking out the gems which are as follows and in no particular order:

ED DOWIE - Ed is the purveyor of beautiful atmospheric music that sparkles. He last sparkled the scaledown room in July 2014 and so, for the opening of the new scaledown season, Mr Dowie is returning to sprinkle some music tinsel at the King and Queen..


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #104
(Friday 5th December)

Welcome to the Scaledown grotto, where our musical sack is positively bursting with loveliness, mayhem and mirth. showing off their baubles and baring their fairy-lighted glowing hearts shall be the following.... Acts are as follows and in no particular order:

GEORGINA BRETT - Music created using voice and effects pedals, instant choirs of sound, captivating and helping the listener to relax in our ever-increasingly fast world. Our soothing friend sings songs from her current album "A Minimal Christmas". O little town of Fitzrovia .

scaledown 103

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #103
(Friday 10th October)

Hot on the heels of September comes the unusually early OCTOBER scaledown which arrives THIS FRIDAY. This late notice missive requests your impulsive attendance. It is, indeed, for your own good as the acts are, as always, succulent and moist as autumn's fine mist. Acts are as follows and in no particular order:

BETTINA SCHROEDER AND JAMES A. SMITH - Enchanting, the spirIt of change, the metaphysical wit of Bettina, accompanied on word by James.

scaledown 102

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #102
(Friday 26th September)

A golden autumn is around us, draping it's smoky veiled mist upon the people of England-wisps waft like the smoke from Oscar Wilde's perfumed fag. Now then, bring your mellow and fruitful selves along to SCALEDOWN #102 and enjoy another scaledown session, as warm and fruity as a toasted bun. Acts are as follows:

ADAM BOHMAN - leaving his toys at home on this occasion, Mr Bohman shall be performing a couple of text pieces. listen, listen good, for your obedience shall be rewarded. word up!


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #101
(Friday 25th July)

July brings you the 101st scaledown and what a summer pudding of fruity acts with have for you, all served with a bit of good ol' scaledown hospitality. Arrive with your ears, minds and hearts at the ready. 7.30 is the time!

Those who will be appearing in front of you (in no particular order):

Ed Dowie - Ed has been making music since the late 1990s, firstly as one third of Parlophone's Brothers in Sound, then a solo career as Redarthur. He is charming, talented and self-effacing. Bring it on Ed!

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