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The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of adventurous and experimental new music.

We do this through promoting gigs under the banner of The Orchestra Pit and Scaledown as well as producing radio shows (Full Circle and Scaledown) and running a Record Label.

Details of all these endeavors can be found on this site as well as an extensive photo/audio archive and a shop.


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #100
(Friday 27th June)

Ten years and 100 shows in, The Orchestra Pit is proud to present to you this jamboree packed special event. A huge VAT of sublime music, succulent poetry, delicious comedic theatrics, and fine wines and ale have passed through the guts of our wonderful little club. Tonight, we are dishing up a smorgasbord of some of the great delicacies from past scaledown feasts. But COME EARLY or wallow in the stench of a gone off memory! Arrive at 7pm for a 7.30 start!

Those who will be appearing in front of you (in no particular order):


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #99
(Friday 23rd May)

May brings us all skipping round the scaledown Maypole (and not dancing naked over fires; this not being in keeping with current health and safety regulations). Put your best Morris gear on and attend this FREE event which takes place on Friday, 23rd May at 7.30 of cock’s crow Upstairs at The King And Queen, 1, Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London Town, W1. You will be bowled over by the following acts which appear thus in no particular order:

Iris Ederer - Ms Ederer performed at scaledown last December and charmed all with her inimitable and quite wonderful vocalisation. Spring is here!


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #98
(Friday 25th April)

Gracing the Scaledown? 'stage' this month shall be the following artistes:

Raf And O - Raf Mantelli and Richard Smith are Raf and O, and you, people of Scaledown, are in for a sublime mix of live electronics, acoustic instruments and fragile, magnetic, strange lullabies married to a pop spirit.

Iris Garrelfs and Jude Cowan Montague - live drawing, scoring and music from our Jude and innovative composer/performer Iris... shout, whisper, chuckle and dream - in stereo.


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #97
(Friday 21st March)

The March hare is here - here be the hare who heralds a helluva hoot of a scaledown for you to hear so here be they in no particular order...

The Sound Of Antler - introduced to our ears by way of Dexter Bentley's splendid HelloGoodbye show on Resonance FM, K&Q newbie Joceline Colvert will be accompanied by a Scaledown old hand in Alistair Strachan, between them creating an inventively beautiful musical canvas for occasional quirkily characterful lyrical splashes of colour.


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #96
(Friday 28th February)

Can you smell that? No, it's not spring... that slightly stale yet warmly familiar odour is in fact Scaledown, and this month we have the following line-up for you to sniff at:

Robert James Selby - tangled poetry from our boy Robert, making his long overdue Scaledown debut, this romantic troubadour is in search of the truth. will he find it upstairs at the K&Q?.... who knows, but am sure he will charm your collective socks off.


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #95
(Friday 31st January)

As we break the seal on another Scaledown year, ladies and gentle t'ings, we ask you to raise your glasses and adjust your mindsets for a positively bumper selection of marvellous sounds...

Squeezebox Jukebox feat. Ali Warner - When suggested one fine Boat-Ting evening late last year to Ali Warner that she may want to team up with "a dysfunctional, evolving, improvised concerto for accordion and the ghost of a broken barrel organ", she rather insanely responded in the affirmative…. and so it shall come to pass (in roughly 15 minutes).


The Orchestra Pit


Scaledown #94

(Friday 6th December)

What is this I see before my very mince pies? Cor blimey, it's a Christmas Jamboree Scaledown style! We've got all the usual oddballs and freaks, complemented by some musical guests whom they will be hosting. It promises to be a right ol' bleedin' Fitzrovian knees up...


The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #93
(Friday the 18th October)

Ladies and Gentle t'ings, would you kindly be seated for the 93rd Scaledown... Rather than look like we know what we're doing up here, we are simply going to relay to you the entertainment we have on offer:

Thom Driver - Thom shall be previewing tracks from the debut album by his band Piper's Son - 'The Roar From Behind' [released Nov. 11th on our very own Vacilando '68 Recordings]; enigmatic, with an artist's eye for detail, his songwriting structures are both intricate and eclectic, painting expressionistically musical canvases, with melodies that hang in the air before firmly lodgin' in yer noggin.


The Orchestra Pit


The autumnal winds blow gentle in September but with enough wind to toss up a musical salad by way of the Scaledown club. We urge you to get the dressing and attend our next event which occurs at The King and Queen on the corner of Foley Street in London's buoyant Fitzrovia on Friday the 27th September at 7.30 of the clock. It is, as always, FREE to attend and the acts are, in no particular order:

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