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Full Circle with Mark Braby

Full Circle

Mark Braby interviews a musical guest and asks them to bring along or play their earliest known recording or composition. Thus establishing how they came into music and, specifically, how they came about writing and recording their very first piece.

From there this will form a "musical journey" to where they are today culminating in a "cover" version or treatment of their very first recording. This can be performed live, or presented as re-recorded, thus addressing their past and coming Full Circle.

Series 1

Guest Details Broadcast
William D Drake Pianist, songwriter, and erstwhile member of cult bands Cardiacs, The Sea Nymphs, and Lake of Puppies. 05/02/04
Terry Edwards Multi-instrumentalist, multi-band member (The Higsons, Tindersticks, Gallon Drunk to name but a few), and enigmatic leader of the Scapegoats. 12/02/04
Richard Sanderson Avant garde experimentalist, pop perfectionist and presenter of "Sanderson's Alcove" on Resonance FM. 19/02/04
Claire Lemmon Singer/songwriter, former leader of dream pop ensemble Sidi Bou Said and front woman of off-kilter pop band Eva Lema. 26/02/04
Richard and James Larcombe Musical collaborators of pastoral acoustic outfits Stars In Battledress and Defeat The Young. 04/03/04
Stephen Meixner Former creative half of Contrastate, dark purveyors of apocalyptic soundtracks, and currently recording under the name srmeixner. 18/03/04
Charles Hayward Former member of pioneering experimentalist group This Heat and innovator of various music projects including Camberwell Now and Loom. 25/03/04
Steve Beresford Multi-instrumentalist, collaborator, improviser and composer. 08/04/04
Dan Whaley Leader of mondo-wray, thrash, garage, guitar, instrumental combo - The Charles Napiers. 15/04/04
Series 1 Review Featuring all the musical guests so far with their original early recordings and Full Circle treatments/re-recordings. 29/04/04

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Series 2

Guest Details Broadcast
Craig Fortnam Innovative composer and leader of the North Sea Radio Orchestra. 07/10/04
Tom Owen and Steve Bynghall Members of The Original Beekeepers and Shammy Leather - producers of poorly produced and obscure music for those attracted to the absurdity and naivete of imperfect pop. 28/10/04
Kavus Torabi and Dan Chudley Prolific and long standing songwriting partnership that brought us Die Laughing, The Monsoon Basoon and Miss Helsinki. 25/11/04
Max Tundra Quirky and unique songwriter. 13/01/05
Anna Homler American vocalist and performance artist. 10/02/05
Alex Ward Highly individual guitarist and vocalist, also a member of Pocket. 10/03/05
Emma Anderson Formerly of 4AD dream pop outfit Lush, more recently seen making sweet, soulful music with sing-sing. 21/04/05
Thomas Truax Unique New York based songwriter and performer who utilises home-made instruments such as the Hornicator and Sister Spinster. 05/05/05
Series 2 Review Featuring all the musical guests, from series 2, with their original early recordings and Full Circle treatments/re-recordings. 19/05/05

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Guest Details Broadcast
Howe Gelb Americana maverick, godfather of the true alternative country scene, and enigmatic main man of Tucson's superb "Giant Sand". 22/01/07
Vic Godard Leader of classic cult punk/swing band The Subway Sect. 09/11/07

All shows:
devised, written and presented by Mark Braby
produced, edited and engineered by Andy Coules