The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

scaledown #106

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #106
(Friday 27th February 2015)

The February winds blow around the King and Queen but, inside its four walls upstairs, there will be a musical log fire to keep you warm this Friday lovingly stoked by fabulous artists who are as follows and in no particular order:

MINNY POPS - Formed by vocalist/band leader Wally van Middendorp in Amsterdam in 1978, Dutch electro pioneers Minny Pops took their name from a primitive Korg drum machine. The next stop is scaledown central. Tonight, the band will perform a set based on the magic number three and John Lennon's mystical number nine. The three tracks will be three minutes and three seconds each - totalling nine minutes and nine seconds commencing at 9.09pm

ROSIE OKAE - Rosie has released her debut album 'We know when to shout' and tonight she will sing some beautiful songs with it. Welcome back to the fold Rosie.

THOM DRIVER - cut off in his primate part at last month's Scaledown, Thom shall return with some unfinished monkey business to open up proceedings at Scaledown #106. once again he shall bring you "thoughtful, intelligent, adult pop music, carefully constructed which for all its quirkiness sounds like it comes from the heart."

VIV CORRINGHAM - Shadow walk around Fitzrovia with the sound artist and vocalist Viv Corringham, on a short visit from her base in Minnesota. Her album of London life on the streets, 'Gum and Butts', can be downloaded for free from Richard Sanderson's net label Linear Obsessional.

NATHAN HARMER - Junk! Rubbish! Detritus! Nathan Harmer is a sound artist making music out of the things that other folks leave behind

SIMON&thePOPE - the beats are most certainly working for Gideon Coe, who has been regularly spinning Simon&thePope on his BBC6 radio show. Simon Charterton & John Pope bring you punk funk drum & bass...... wicked!

MARK WALDRON - A welcome return for the august poet of chocolate cars, whose wife is a bird ... elegant, surreal and adorable

As ever, it is FREE! Come to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT giggles and coos at your continued interest