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Scaledown #117

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #117
Friday 1st April 2016

The Orchestra Pit presents an April Fool's night of musical showers to bring forth the May flowers. We use the plural here because there are TWO April scaledowns book ending this crazy month-the first being on the first with the artists of Avril warming your spring time cockles in no particular order:

JONO PODMORE - the electronic wizard, critically acclaimed hero of sound design (aka KUMO) and solid geezer joins us like an musical astronaut on his trusty Theremin to waft us up to the vaults of space and time.

VIV CORRINGHAM - Healthy, meaningful, investigative expression from our beloved sound artist and composer now based in New York. Sensual explorations of place and memory.

GALE BURNS and DAVID LEAHY - The poet and the musician. Words and double bass blend in their hands and mouth with unknown results! An adventure beyond a gig.

WE ARE PASSERINES - consisting of Katie Harnett (Crumbling Ghost) and Toshi Kobayashi (smallgang, Hobbled). She was a down and out ex-chorus line girl, he was a metal detectorist who found a buried box full of old songs - when they got together it was musical murder.

RAYMOND SHINE - the truth, the whole truth, and anything but.... as heard on R3 Late Junction, Mercury-nominated avant-guitarist Raymond Shine will be kicking off his tour of Germany, Japan, and Brighton with a touch-and-go set of improvisations that draw on the hardships suffered by egotistical artistes whose work never gets enough recognition.

LISTEN LISSE - Apocalyptic Noir Rock. Minimalist drone. Using guitars, vocals, loops, electronic devices together with song writing, Listen Lisse performs her debut at scaledown.

SIR MONTAGUE BASSOON - Sir Monty returns to suck on the crust of sickness in the broad daylight. Enjoy the crumbs of articulate madness

As ever, it is FREE! Come and hear/see the scaled down performances. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 PM of the clock. FIFTEEN MINUTES PER ACT! Come along to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT ,the big sister organisation to scaledown, drips a drip drop in recognition of your continued interest