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scaledown #118

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #118
(Friday 29th April 2016)

Hello. Was it really April when it was April? And is it another April? The answer is yes, if you have your scaledown hat on. Following our April show at the beginning of this month is another April show to end the month. This is an anomaly which will not be repeated. Enjoy the anomaly. Explore the space, and the artists who have lined up April side in no particular order:

CERI JAMES - The observer of our everyday lives, Ceri reports in music from the coffee shop, the bar, the street and anywhere we may find himself. Poems, paeans, and anthems created with craft and delivered with honesty. Fresh and direct song making

SARER SCOTTHORNE - Bristol based feminista * poet * martial artist Sarer brings her words (and moves?) to grace the hallowed carpet.

ALI WARNER & MATT SCOTT - Ali and Matt always take us on a journey, and this time it's a welcome return journey..... just the ticket for your Friday night. anticipating the marrying of accordion and voice..... but if further insight is proffered we shall be sure to share.

11TH HOUR ADVENTISTS - A collaboration between vocalist and electric cellist Jasmine Pender (aka: Rotten Bliss) and Jowe Head (Swell Maps, The Demi-Monde) contributing vocals, slide guitar and mandola, admirably augmented by Ravi Low-Beer contributinge his unique deft skills on drums and percussion - between them, they weave a tense and terse sound-world.

MINNY POPS - Formed by vocalist/band leader Wally van Middendorp in Amsterdam in 1978, Dutch electro pioneers Minny Pops took their name from a primitive Korg drum machine. Making their second appearance at scaledown, they shall be premiering DAT DEAD DOG DAD.

RACHAEL BLACK - A woman of many talents, Ms Black is an actress, an artist, and, in the instance of scaledown, a poet. You will enjoy her! Scaledown's Mark Braby may accompany her on guitar.

As ever, it is FREE! Come and hear/see the scaled down performances. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 PM of the clock. FIFTEEN MINUTES PER ACT! Come along to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT , the big sister organisation to scaledown, waves regally in admiration of your continued interest