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scaledown #120

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #120
(Friday 29th July 2016)

July, the sunshine scaledown. Lemonade. summer fruits. skinny dipping. Ice lollies. wasps. beach huts. the artists who touch you in no particular order:

MARTIN WHITE - back into the low amplified bosom of Scaledown, the prodigal accordionist - Martin White (he of The Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra) returns to regale us with his dark n' witty tales including a preview of the new TMFMO album.

BOB CONSTANT - not only scaling down, being shy one horse, but also going back to their roots.... the odyssey which has seen them become master purveyors of wonky pop first began as just Bob and Samuel in the back of an off-licence. expect old songs, new songs and quite possibly the odd borrowed one.

JUDE COWAN MONTAGUE - experimental songs from India and beyond. creative observations from an art residency in Goa. plus extracts from her new collection of poems, 'The Wires, 2012' out August 2016 on Wisdom's Bottom.

SISTER MERCEDES - Sister Mercedes sings songs for other people to sing. Original songs with a soupcon of lurve and and a pinch of heart.

JOHN WHITMORE - A gentleman, a poet, an amazing 'tache. Mr Whitmore will be present as a gentleman reading his poetry whilst twiddling his moustache.

BEECHING'S AXE - - The return of the UKs top guitar/steam train recordings duo featuring SUBWAY SECT's Kevin Younger and Mark Braby. Keep up the steam and steady the buffers.

MARK GILFILLAN - He leaves a trail in poetry clubs around London. A delicate spinner of haiku and verse of Stoke Newington, Mark's poems are a hybrid of human and animal. London can be gentle. Mark is also deservedly known as the Stokey Bard.

As ever, it is FREE! Come and hear/see the scaled down performances. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 PM of the clock. FIFTEEN MINUTES PER ACT! Come along to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
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THE ORCHESTRA PIT , the big sister organisation to scaledown, sings 'just one cornetto' in admiration of your continued interest