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scaledown #123

The Orchestra Pit
Scaledown #123
(Friday 4th of November 2016)

The fireworks whizz around the chimney pots of London Town. Pop down the chimney of the King and Queen in glorious Fitzrovia and you shall see and hear scaledown's artists pop, crackle and effervesce in no particular order:

HAYMANOT TESFA - The beloved singer and artist, brings her Krar (lyre) to enchant us with songs of Ethiopia, ancient and contemporary. Fresh and traditional.

MR WHALEY - Former scaledown co presenter Dan Whaley will scaledown to just his voice for the pleasure of your ears.

SQUEEZEBOX JUKEBOX - Squeezebox Jukebox is a 'dysfunctional and evolving concerto for accordion and updated barrel organ'. Enjoy maestro Matt Scott as he wheezes and squeezes.

LESLEY WOODS - Founding member of The Au Pairs, Lesley recreates solo the strong, sarcastic, sexually political songs that changed lives and music.

DREAM MAPS - is the work of east Londoner Dominic Simpson, a multi-instrumentalist who merges drones, submerged vocals, and hushed ambience. The East London Review has described his music as a work of "desolate but ethereal and haunting beauty".

KAZUMI TAGUCHI - Formerly of The Frank Chickens, Kazumi sings songs of Okinawa, and for this Scaledown performance shall be joined by a special guest on melodica.

ANGUS STRACHAN - Angus is a singer-songwriter and writer… not to mention what i'd call 'A Man About Town', and luckily for us that town is currently London. Whether crooning a tune, or producing films or studying shamanism deep in the Amazon... he's equally at home. So safe to say, he's got a tale or two to tell!

As ever, it is FREE! Come and hear/see the scaled down performances. DOORS OPEN AT 7.30 PM of the clock for an 8pm start. FIFTEEN MINUTES PER ACT! Come along to:

The King and Queen,
1 Foley Street,
Click to view map

THE ORCHESTRA PIT , the big sister organisation to scaledown, goes 'OOOO!' with appreciation of your continued interest