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A Further Release

The Many Moods Of Bread And Shed   The Orchestra Pit Recording Company is pleased to announce the release of the CD Album "The Many Moods Of Bread And Shed" featuring Sylvia Hallett and Anna Homler. Full details can be found here or you can pop along and buy it in our shop.


A New Release

Naïm Amor - Dansons   The latest release from Naïm Amor is the Dansons LP which our partner label Vacilando '68 Recordings is issuing as a 12" cream coloured vinyl LP with a free download. Full details can be found here or you can dash to buy it in our shop.


May the farce be with you.

Scaledown   The farce of nature that redefines the concept of entertainment, the farce that is Scaledown, the live musical event which opens its shutters to musical clutter and matter not whether it be conventional or un so, but rather enjoy the moments, the meanderings, the interaction.. Come be a part of it. Full details here


April Showers us with Scaledown

Scaledown   The April clouds cry over London town. Wipe your eyes, sad clouds. Get Happy! Another scaledown extravaganza looms... nearer... nearer. This Friday 27th April at 7 of the clock in the evening, full details here


March on to Scaledown

Scaledown   The scaledown bunny rabbit comes to you bearing musical eggs for this early March Scaledown airing next Friday the 16th. Details of those appearing for your aural and visual pleasure here


Scaledown your February

Scaledown   In a precedented departure from established protocol Scaledown will not be occurring on the last Friday of the month but rather the penultimate one, namely this coming Friday 17th February, full details of those feted to perform can be found here


Last Christmas you gave me Scaledown

Scaledown   Yes, it is time for the end of year pre-Christmas Scaledown type live performance event and the stops have certainly been extended to their fullest extent in the interest of bringing you an exciting and interesting line-up of artists. Full details of said line-up can now be found here


October in Scaledown

Scaledown   Full details pertaining to the extent and nature of the acts destined to perform at the seventy fourth Scaledown on Friday 28th October will soon appear on a page on this web site which can be found here


Scaledown Returns

Scaledown   It is with a big sloppy happy heart that The Orchestra Pit announces the return of Scaledown at The King and Queen, 1, Foley Street, Fitzrovia, London W1 this Friday 30th September. Full details of those destined to perform can be found here


Scaledown Summer Hiatus

Scaledown   As the sun banishes the rain clouds to their rightful hibernation it behoves us here at The Orchestra Pit to remind you that the usual Scaledown Summer Hiatus has started earlier this year insofar as there will be no Scaledown in either July or August. Please do not fret, we will return refreshed and reinvigorated in September with the aim of delighting you all further with the musical confections we lay before you.

If you find this suspension of Scaledown acivity too much to bear may we suggest you visit our web shop wherein you may find enough succor to sustain you through the long summer months.
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