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Scaledown Summer Hiatus

Scaledown   As the sun banishes the rain clouds to their rightful hibernation it behoves us here at The Orchestra Pit to remind you that the usual Scaledown Summer Hiatus has started earlier this year insofar as there will be no Scaledown in either July or August. Please do not fret, we will return refreshed and reinvigorated in September with the aim of delighting you all further with the musical confections we lay before you.

If you find this suspension of Scaledown acivity too much to bear may we suggest you visit our web shop wherein you may find enough succor to sustain you through the long summer months.


Scaledown Seventy One

Scaledown   Once more our minds focus on the certainty of the last Friday of the month for this is when Scaledown is destined to occur in front of your very eyes (Friday 24th June to be precise). Full details of the seven acts who are to perform can now be found right here!

Please note that this your last chance to immerse yourself in the joy that is Scaledown as we are taking an extended summer break this year (back in September).


Scaledown Seventy

Scaledown   It is that time of month once more, that time of month where we gather in a small room and rejoce at the musical confections placed in front of us, a veritable smorgasboard of earthly delights. This joyous event occurs this coming Friday (27th) at the King & Queen in fateful Fitzrovia from seven thirty of the clock. As ever full and florid details can be found here.


Scaledown Soixante Neuf

Scaledown   A joyous howl goes aloft in the Orchestra Pit household as the realisation of the onslaught of the latest in the ongoing series of Live Performance Events know as Scaledown dawns upon it's occupants. This joyous event occurs this coming Friday (25th) at the King & Queen in colourful Fitzrovia from seven thirty of the clock. In a departure from protocol we will herein include details of just four of the acts such that the others are surprise-like in nature, full details to be found here.


Scaledown Sixty Eight Captured

Scaledown   A collection of photographs depicting the events of Friday's triumphant Scaledown can now be viewed on the page here.


Scale Sixty Eight Down

Scaledown   Full details concerning all of the six acts destined to perform at the sixty eighth Scaledown this coming Friday (25th February) can now be found on the page of this website which contains full details concerning all of the six acts destined to perform at the sixty eighth Scaledown this coming Friday (25th February) which is here.


Photo Me Scaledown

Scaledown   Significant moments of time which occurred at last Friday's Scaledown have been captured in a static visual medium and presented to your eyes via the miracle of the internet with the express participation of Said "photographs" can be viewed on the following page right here.


Scaledown Sixty Seven

Scaledown   Scaledown number Sixty Seven will be occuring on this very Friday 28th January at the usual locale. Full details of the acts who will be performing for your pleasure can be found on this page 'ere.


November Scaledown Photographs

Scaledown   Photographs visually documenting the very last Scaledown Live Performance Event of 2010 have now been lovingly added to the page for the event in our archive of Scaledown photographs and thus can now be viewed here.


Last Scaledown of the Year

Scaledown   Yes, the very last Scaledown of the year is due to occur next Friday, 19th November, at the usual place (King & Queen) and time (from 7.30pm). This event is a joint venture between our Orchestra Pit regulars and Terry Edwards who delves into his Sartorial records catalogue to bring us joy and entertainment.

Full details of those destined to perform can be found here.
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