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OP6 - Lost Robots - No (CD)

OP6 Lost Robots are a London based avant-rock band. They fuse exciting, compact rock structures with free improvisation and abstract sound.

The title of their latest album "No", reflects, perhaps, a reluctance by the band to settle into any perceived style, and instead presents us with a kaleidoscopic array of adventurous sounds, songs and non-sequiturs.

"No" opens with one of the album's three more rock-orientated songs in the form of the slo-mo drone-funk of "Half Empty", which rolls ominously over a bed of multi-tracked accordions. Later, on the dynamic "Stop Train", Braby and Sanderson alternate cryptic vocals over urgent scything guitar and a propulsive rhythm section, whilst "Safety From Numbers" moves bafflingly from a tumbling spiky rock song, through a minimalist groove, to a ferocious coda... itself leaking into the watery meditation of vari-pitch organ and cave drips that makes up the concluding radox of "In the Bath".

These filmic jump-cuts are a feature of "No", flicking from different recordings at different venues (mainly the homes of the musicians themselves!) the album is as sonically varied as it is stylistically - a subterranean jam oozes out of an urban field recording in "Sabre Tooth Tiger Tooth", whilst "Stop Train" starts from the agonized conclusion of the brooding improvisation "Hidden Tension" . A blues slide-guitar from Pearman collides with free jazz squawking clarinet from Sanderson on "Fat Ghost", heavy bass interjections scuttle the flow of the raga-esque "Numberharp", and archaic machinery interrupt the pastoral finger-picking of "Old Iron Van". Andy Coules, the engineer and splicer (as well as the band's bassist) cuts this arcane collection into a seething whole, threatening to burst apart at the seams, but somehow holding together.

In short, "No" is a restless explosion of concepts and ideas with roots in post-punk, free improvisation and 70's German experimentalism - a layered album of hidden depths that rewards repeated playing- its obliquities balanced by solid songwriting and adventurous musicianship.

An album launch party will occur on the 19th February, full details here

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