The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit


The personnel of The Orchestra Pit have been responsible for two distinct radio series in recent times.

Full Circle

Mr Braby tunes inFull Circle was first aired, on Resonance FM on February 5th 2004 and ran for two series until May 2005. The show was based on inviting a musical guest to bring along their earliest recording or composition which was then used as a starting point to discuss their entire career. The show would then culminate in a performance or recording of a modern version of their original piece, thus coming full circle.

Whilst no further series have been commisioned Full Circle returns for the occasional special episode when an interesting guest crops up.

Full details of all episodes of the show, including a complete audio archive can be found here


The Scaledown Radio Show evolved as the logical extension of the Scaledown Live Performance Events and acted as a showcase for acts captured live at the popular club.

It aired, again on Resonance FM, from July 15th 2005 until June 29th 2007 and is expected to return to the airwaves in 2008.

Full details of all shows and a complete audio archive can be found here