The Orchestra Pit The Orchestra Pit

February 2004

Wednesday 18th February 2004

mindlobster - Fast loud ambient electro pop metal. mindlobster combines noise, melody, beats, and humour with eyeball-frying vj work - oh, and that helmet - mindlobster dares to bring 'performance' and 'entertainment' to laptop music...ARE YOU EXCITED YET? I know I am...

srmeixner - The project srmeixner is basically Stephen Meixner (ex Contrastate) and various collaborators; the line-up is ever changing, with Stephen calling on whoever he feels is right for the music he is working on at any particular time. For this short series of live shows he is joined by Adrian Morris (of Vic Twenty). Live electronics and field recordings are utilised to create a sonic soundtrack to an apocalyptic world, Something truly unique.

Paul Research - Art rock or rock art? Guitar star Paul Research (ex Scars) delivers a visually oriented set of post-punk electronica which veers from spoken word soundscapes to 3 minute glam pop provocation. Accompanied by a video show which will detach your retinas. Don't look away!